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Who I Am

I am many things, but in this school I am a science teacher -- specifically, Forensic Sciences and Integrated Physics & Chemistry. I grew up during the 1960s, a decade in which many scientific breakthroughs took place; transplant surgery, the rise of the modern computer and men landing on the moon. (Please see below to find out more about those classes.) Needless to say, I developed a fascination for these things, and I enjoy passing that feeling on to my students.
Yes, I also play the bagpipes for special occasions, pep rallies and at some games, as did some of my ancestors back in Scotland... but that's another story.
Forensic Sciences
Forensic Sciences students study the application of scientific principles to criminal investigation. Topics include: Foundations of American Criminal Law, Principles of Evidence, Securing and Searching a Crime Scene, Chain of Custody, Fingerprints, Blood Splatter & Toxicology, Ballistics, Forensic Entomology (Bugs), Autopsy Protocols and more.  
Integrated Physics and Chemistry
IPC is the entry-level science class for Freshmen at Columbus High School. Science and the Scientific Method are stressed, along with basic principles of Physics and Chemistry. Topics studied include force, motion, energy matter and its interactions. 
General Information
Email address: [email protected]
Phone number: (979) 732-5746, ext. 259
Classroom: 212
Tutoring Schedule: Available weekdays before and after school, along with during P.I.E. time (8th period from 1:29 to 1:54 p.m.) 
The Science is Never Settled...
Every so often, you hear two people arguing two sides of a particular topic (frequently in politics), with one person trying to end the debate by declaring "The science is settled on this!" Rest assured, it is not -- if it could be settled, it wouldn't be science. Science always questions, always adjusts in the face of new information or observations. It never stops working. Ever. That's part of the fun of science; you never stop learning new things.