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Professional Communications



E-Learning Lessons: Week of March 30th-April 3rd


  • Monday: Students will watch interview videos (Pepsi Max, Millenial Job Interview, Bad Job Interview Clips, Disability Interview Video) in Google Classroom. Note: This videos are YouTube links, so internet is required to watch.


  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Students will complete the Interview Reflection Google Doc Assignment in Google Classroom.


  • Thursday and Friday: Students will join Flipgrid (code to join each individual class is in your Google Classroom; app can be downloaded on phone or device) and using the prompt given, record a 45 second video updating the class on how they are doing amid this COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Note:  Videos can also be done using phone, and then uploaded


  • There is a virtual Google Meet session scheduled for Friday, April 3rd at 11 a.m. to talk to all Prof Comm students about assignments, expectations, and answer any and all questions.  You can join on your phone. Check your Google Classroom to click the link to join. Information for next week’s assignments will be explained in this Google Meet as well.


  • I am available for assistance via Remind and your email.  I have both on my phone and check them frequently. My scheduled “office hours” will be every Monday and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.  We can use this time to meet “one on one” in Google Meet to ask questions if needed and get help (but please know I am available any time from 7:30 to 3:30 each day, if you need help just ask!)
Course Description:  Professional Communications blends written, oral, and graphic communications in a career-based environment.  Careers in the global economy require individuals to be creative and have a strong background in computer and technology applications, a strong and solid academic foundations and a proficiency in professional oral and written communications.  Within this context, students will be expected to develop and expand the ability to write, read, edit, speak, listen, apply software applications, manipulate computer graphics and conduct Internet research.

Class Rules/Expectations: Classroom Rules

  • Be on time.  You will be tardy if not in the classroom when the tardy bell rings.
  • Use the restroom, go to your locker and take care of other business on your own time, not during class time.  Four minutes between classes is plenty of time.
  • No food or drinks - bottled water only (but not by the computers)
  • No Profanity – no one wants to hear it
  • Do not talk when the teacher is talking.  
  • Pick up your trash and materials before you leave the classroom – do not leave papers on the desks or by computers.  A clean room is a happy room.
  • No cell phones, i-pods, etc… (unless used for in-class activities). Any student found using it during class for unauthorized use will have their phone confiscated and given to the front office.  
  • No cheating or plagiarism.  If you are caught cheating on any assignment, project, or test or speech, you will receive a grade of ZERO for that assignment and will be documented with a referral.
  • Take responsibility for yourself and your own learning.  This is a speech class and you will be required to give speeches in front of other students.  
  • You are required to be ready to present your speech on the assigned speech days.  Students will receive a ZERO if not ready when called to present.  No makeup speeches will be allowed.
  • Class participation is essential.  Come to class each day ready to participate.
  • Be willing to talk to me.  
  • Students will stay in their assigned seat at all times.
  • Do not roll the chairs around the classroom.  Stand up and push them to the tables at the end of each period.
  • The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell.
  • Observe the student dress code and the student code of conduct in the handbook.
  • Your grades will be posted on the wall each week using your Student ID number.
RESPECT.  This means respect for your teacher, your classmates and the equipment.
Code to Join Prof Comm Remind: 
Text: 81010
Google Classroom Codes for Professional Communications:
1st Period:  sntmyfh
2nd Period:  rgjayso
4th Period:  xjwc7qu
8th Period:  uewydt2
Code to Join Flip Grid (Download the App on your phone - it's free!)
Check Google Classroom for link to join your class.