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Columbus High School

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Columbus High School UIL Academics
Conference 3A, Region 4, District 28
CHS UIL Academic Coordinator:  Amy Russell
Assistant Academic Coordinator:  Lauren Nieto
Join the UIL Academics REMIND:  Text @f7k82a to the number 81010

The University Interscholastic League offers the most comprehensive program of academic competition in the nation. UIL Academics offers more activities than any other UIL division, with 29 contests at the high school level and 20 A+ Academic contests for grades 2-8. More than half a million students participate in UIL academic contests each year.


These activities, which exist to complement the academic curriculum, are designed to motivate students as they acquire higher levels of knowledge, to challenge students to confront issues of importance, and to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of specific skills. Students are challenged to think critically and creatively, exhibiting much more than knowledge and comprehension.


Important Dates:

March 23, 2020 - LD Debate @ El Campo HS
March 23, 2020 - Computer Science @ Needville HS
March 25, 2020 - Ready Writing and Journalism @ Edna HS
March 27, 2020 - District Academic Meet @ Industrial HS
Regional Spring Meet:
April 17-18, 2020 @ Texas State University, San Marcos
CHS UIL Academic Events and Sponsors

Accounting: Lyndsay Schobel

Calculator Applications: Megan Leyendecker

Computer Science: Zach Venghaus

Computer Applications: Rhonda Heffley

Current Events: Carson Greene

Film Contests: Zach Venghaus

Journalism Events (Feature, Editorial, News, Headline, Copy Editing): Amy Venghaus

Literary Criticism: Stephanie Engstrom

Mathematics: Jennifer Kohleffel

Number Sense: Britni Kotrla

One Act Play: Lorrie Walla

Poetry: Lauren Nieto

Prose: Lauren Nieto

Ready Writing: Renee Brown

Science: Karin Magera

Social Studies: Carson Greene

Informative Speaking:  Roxanne Zahradnik

Persuasive Speaking: Roxanne Zahradnik

Spelling & Vocabulary: Amy Russell


Debate: Irma Barajas
Click the link below to access videos regarding the benefits of UIL Academics program as well as overviews of the various academic events:

Results from the Industrial Invitational UIL Academics Meet:


The results of the Industrial Invitational UIL Academic meet are below.  Congrats to these kids and all who participated!


Drew Schobel - 2nd place Current Events

Kenneth Benjamin - 2nd place Social Studies

Even Vega - 5th place Spelling & Vocabulary and 6th place Computer Science

Nate Johannes - 6th place Spelling & Vocabulary

Even Vega, Erin Story, Daniel Prause, and Keegan Garcia  - 2nd place TEAM Computer Science

Congratulations UIL Academic Students!


Results from Virtual Challenge Meet #3: 


Congratulations on VCM #3!  Please consider just how many students are competing in this competition statewide—VCM #3 alone had 5,756 scores posted!


Alejandro Salinas – 21st place in 3A Chemistry, 35th in 10th grade chemistry

Even Vega – 38th place in 3A spelling

Jackson Roensch, Drew Schobel, and Ayleen Gonzalez – 4th place 3A Current Events

Jackson Roensch – 37th place in Overall Current Events, 6t place 3A Current Events, 15th place 12th grade Current Events

Drew Schobel – 45th place in Overall Current Events, 9th place 3A Current Events, 20th place 11th grade Current Events

Cassidy Hernandez, M Islam Ratul, Nathan Hernandez – 7th place team 3A Computer Science

Cassidy Hernandez – 12th place 3A Computer Science

Congratulations UIL Academic Students!
Results from Virtual Challenge Meet #2:

Hunter Kohleffel – 14th place 3A Biology

Isacc Vega-Hernandez – 31st place 3A Biology

Saul Santiago, Jr. – 31st place 3A Biology

Nathaniel Johannes, Even Vega, and Aquarius Scott – 10th place team 3A Spelling

Nathaniel Johannes – 30th place 3A Spelling, 38th place 12th Grade Spelling

Even Vega – 34th place 3A Spelling

Jordyn Templeton – 40th place 9th Grade Spelling

Jaylen Toro – 23rd place 3A Social Studies, 40th place 12th Grade Social Studies

Alejandro Sanchez, Jackson Roensch, and Drew Schobel – 2nd place team 3A Current Events

Alejandro Sanchez – 6th place Overall Current Events, 2nd place 3A Current Events, 2nd place 10th Grade Current Events

Jackson Roensch – 99th place Overall Current Events, 10th place 3A Current Events

Drew Schobel – 17th place 3A Current Events

April Sanchez, Jannet Naveen, and Bethany DeLeon – 10th place team 3A Computer Science

Bethany DeLeon – 28th place 9th grade Computer Science

Cameron Divin – 33rd place 9th grade Computer Science

Arturo Rosales-Hernandez – 36th place 9th Grade Computer Science

Megan Supak – 39th place 3A Accounting

Amber Adams – 39th place 3A Accounting

Congratulations UIL Academic Students!
Results from Virtual Challenge Meet #1:

Even Vega – 93rd (out of 374) Overall Spelling; 26th 3A Spelling; 31st 11th Grade Spelling

Drew Schobel, Jackson Roensch, Alejandro Salinas  - 7th place team 3A Current Events

Drew Schobel – 69th (out of 763) Overall Current Events; 5th 3A Current Events’ 18th 11th grade Current Events

Jackson Roensch – 19th 3A Current Events

Cameron Divin – 15th 9th Grade Computer Science

Ivett Hernandez – 24th 9th Grade Computer Science

Bethany DeLeon – 35th 9th Grade Computer Science

Agustin Lara Jr. – 35th 9th Grade Computer Science

D’Trique Fitzgerald, Megan Supak, Amber Adams – 9th place team 3A Accounting

D’Trique Fitzgerald – 21st 3A Accounting; 4th 9th Grade Accounting

Megan Supak – 35th 3A Accounting