Scholarship Opportunities

Attention Seniors: The following scholarships below are currently available to all CHS Seniors. Scholarships normally start appearing in the Google Classroom mid-February. Note: GC stands for Google Classroom; CC stands for Counseling Center

Please join my Class of 2023-Scholarships Google Classroom (this can only be accessed through your email).
      • Google Classroom Join Code: 2fqqrez
        • Here, students can view all scholarships and print if needed.
        • If you would like the application to be form-fillable:
          1. Open the application
          2. Download the application to your Downloads folder on your chromebook
          3. Click the DocHub app pinned to your status bar on your chromebook
          4. Sign in with DocHub via Google (only have to do this once)
          5. Click Import Document (or New Document for all subsequent scholarship apps)
          6. Click the scholarship file in your download folder and click Open.
        • Applications can also be accessed below and opened using the steps above using DocHub.
  • Once the application is complete:
    • Print the application and mail to the address provided on the application.
    • Print the application. All applications that state they should be turned in to the counseling center must be turned in no later than the posted deadline.
  • Paper copies of many local scholarships are available in the counseling center. Please fill out using blank ink.
  • Emailed copies will not be accepted nor will any application that is "turned in" via Google Classroom.
  • It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all required information is attached to the scholarship (transcripts, letters of recommendation, attendance sheet, etc.)
  • Scholarships will be sent to scholarship committees as submitted by student.
  • Please pay attention to deadlines. Scholarships WILL NOT be accepted after the posted deadline date.
  • Any questions regarding scholarships should be made to Amy Venghaus
Scholarship Name Due Date Criteria to apply: Turn in Info:
Additional Scholarship Information