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Reporting an Absence


Parents, if your child will be absent, please:


  • Send a note with your child upon his/her return to school. Include doctor’s notes upon your child’s return.


Picking up your Child During the Day:


Students should bring their parent note to the Attendance office before school begins. Students will then receive a pass to show their teacher when it is time for them to leave.


If students do not turn in a note at the beginning of the day: Parents, please email the Attendance Office at at least two hours prior to sign out. Parents are welcome to call but an email must also be sent for documentation purposes.


If your child returns to campus, he/she must sign back in through the Attendance office so your child can be properly coded.


If your child is 18 years or older, he/she may sign himself/herself out of school. If the 18 year old student signs out, the student may not return to campus the same day without a medical note.


Arriving Late (after 8:15 am)

Students will sign in at the Attendance Office and receive a pass to class. Please turn in a parent note or doctor’s note at this time.


Student Check Out

Our primary goal at CHS is student safety, which we take seriously.


Students can only be checked out by a parent / guardian with written documentation. Please provide a note or email from the parent/guardian email provided at registration.


If a parent wishes for an emergency contact to check out his/her child, the written note or email should indicate this.


Please note that if the person picking up the child is NOT an Emergency Contact or Parent/Guardian, we CANNOT release the student. We can only release students to (1) Parents/Guardians or (2) Emergency Contacts.


If you want to make sure your emergency contact is listed, please contact our PEIMS Clerk, Ms. Emily Henneke, at