2019-2020 school year marks an exciting time for me; I am returning to teach World History at CHS. 
I have am starting my 39th year teaching and my 27th year at CISD. One of my proudest accomplishments in life is that 3 of my 4 daughters are involved in the teaching profession.
I am serving as Cross Country coach once again , as well as assistant girl's basketball and head Girl's golf coach. 
C-Town #1
I will be posting my lesson plan for each week here. The actual assignments will be in my Google Classrooms. All my students have been invited to each of their classes. If students have any trouble logging in please email me by clicking under my picture on this page. 

Lesson Plans

Course Name: World History

Instructor: Andy Jacobs


Week of:3/30-4/3 2020


Office Hours:Tues. & Thurs. 9-noon on Google Meets


Dates Instruction is available online:3/30 and 4/1


Learning Objective: SWBAT: trace origins of Industrial Revolution in Britain and Western Europe.  Also. tie in social political and nationalistic changes that took place as a result of the industrial revolution.


ssignment:All assignments and resources are available to each student in Google Classroom. Students will read or listen to chapter 23 online using book. Videos and support material will be available in online text.


TEKS 1E, 8A,8B, 8E, 17A, 18A, 18C, 18F,28A, 28E






Check for Understanding: Students will be assessed on teacher generated questions answered on Google mail.