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Columbus High School

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Yearbook (Digital and Interactive Media, Printing and Imaging Tech)

Course Description: This class is a blend of Digital and Interactive Media, Printing and Imaging Tech and Yearbook.  The class will be made up of students with varying degrees of journalism and editing levels. Students will use photography software, online software design, and imagination to create, -develop and produce the 2019-2020 Columbus High School yearbook.

Class Rules/Expectations: Classroom Rules

  • Be on time.  You will be tardy if not in the classroom when the tardy bell rings.
  • Use the restroom, go to your locker and take care of other business on your own time.
  • No food or drinks - bottled water only (but not by the computers)
  • No Profanity 
  • Pick up your trash and materials before you leave the classroom
  • No cell phones, I-pods, etc… (unless used for in-class activities) 
  • No Cheating or plagiarism.  If you are caught cheating on any assignment (taking the work of someone else) you will receive a grade of ZERO for that assignment.  Do not allow someone else to take photographs for you.
  • Class participation is essential.  Come to class each day ready to work!
  • Be willing to talk to me.  
  • Do not roll the chairs around the classroom.  
  • Observe the student dress code and the student code of conduct in the handbook.
  • Your grades will be posted on the wall each week using your Student ID number.
  • RESPECT.  This means respect for your teacher, your classmates and the equipment.  

Yearbook Requirements

  • Each six weeks, students will be required to photograph a minimum of three school events (That’s 18 total photography credits per student).  
    • The majority of this will be done before/after school or on weekends. These photography credits will count as test AND daily grades.
    • Students will have the opportunity to sign up for these events or they will be assigned to them.
  • Remember, this is YOUR yearbook.  You will need to come each day with a creative mind set and the drive to work. Laziness will not tolerated.  We need every person to pull their weight.
  • This is a YEAR long class.  You must make the dedication to be in this class from August to May.
  • Students will be assigned blocks of pages of the yearbook that are their responsibility to create, complete and submit. PLEASE do not balk on your work or push your pages onto another student.  
  • Students will be required to sell advertisements and participate in other small fundraising events throughout the year to offset the cost of the yearbook.