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Financial Aid Information

The Texas Financial Aid Hotline:  1 (888) 311-8881
     *Parents and students can call for answers to questions about financial aid and the FAFSA.
The following fact sheets will provide information regarding financial aid, loans, myths, etc.
What Are the Steps to Financial Aid?
What Information Do I Need to Fill Out the FAFSA?
What's So Great About FAFSA?
What Is a PIN?
Am I a Dependent or Independent?
Who Is My Parent for FAFSA?
FAFSA Filing
Beware of Financial Aid Scams
Don't Get Scammed!
Avoid Deceptive Loan Practices
Beware of Identity Theft
Be Informed
Be an Informed Consumer
Choose Your School Carefully
Got a Federal Loan? Be Responsible!
How Can My Financial Admin Help Me?
Financial Aid Myths
Scholarships for Military Families
Tips for Choosing a Career
Do You Need Money for College?
Why Go to College?
Grant & Loan Information
Why Get a Federal Loan?
Loan Programs