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Columbus High School

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Updated May 19th: (Thank you for your patience!!!!) 
TRYOUT RESULTS in no particular order:
Mia Colletti
Brooke Ellis
Syra Cruz
Areiana Hernandez
Chloe Wycoff
Kyndall Binder
Audrey Thomson
Brie Orange
Grace Jackson
Mati David
Brooke Center
Megan Shupak
Shatyra Scott
Ry Parr
Madelyn Becker
Faith Pore
Calista Ortiz
Taylr Tipton
Alea McGrew
Harlee Weido
Chloe Tello
Brooke Roecker
Abigail Santillano
Congratulations to all the girls that gave it their best effort this year. I appreciate your flexibility and patience and look forward to seeing all the great things each squad will accomplish. 
UIL and the district have NOT given the green light for camp so at this time it looks like we might not be going to camp this year. I am still working on details. 
Thank you for your flexibility! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns at