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Columbus Lady Cards Volleyball
August 3rd is the 1st day for volleyball practice. 
You MUST have all physical paperwork completed and turned into Coach Johns or Miss Lexy prior to August 3rd.  Only New students to the district need a physical.
Mon, Aug 3
7:00-8:00am @ TRACK  (***NOTE: If an athlete does not make the Burpee Mile Challenge in 14:00 min or less they will repeat it again on Tuesday);
10:00am-12:00pm @ Gym;
2:00-4:00pm @ Gym
RED shirt and black spandex/shorts
Tues, Aug 4
2:00-5:00pm @ Gym
WHITE shirt and black spandex/shorts
Wed, Aug 5
4:00-5:00 One-on-one talks @ Gym
FAVORITE COLLEGE shirt and black spandex/shorts
Thurs, Aug 6 1:00-4:00pm Team Practice @ Gym RED shirt and black spandex/shorts
Fri, Aug 7th @ Sealy -- NO Spectators allowed per Sealy ISD.
Sat, Aug 8th @ La Grange -- NO Spectators allowed per La Grange ISD.
PARENT MEETING -- Fri, Aug 7th @ 6:30pm @ the Marley Giddens Gym
**Please plan to attend to find out about this volleyball season, meet the coaches, and
to sign up to help with different things like: concession stand and away dinners.

****Due to the number of volleyball players coming out for volleyball this year we will have to have tryouts the first three days and by the end of the third day we will have one on one talks with each girl to let them know if they made a team or not. Our approximate numbers per team is 14, but that depends on number of players we need per position per team.

Any player that makes the volleyball team is expected to be at all practices/games and make a commitment to the volleyball program.



There will be cuts made in a particular sport if the number of athletes coming out for the sport exceeds the team/roster limit, as decided by the coach of each sport.  

-The coach will inform all athletes trying out for the sport: the dates of the tryouts, approximate number of players to be selected on the team, and practice/game commitments. 

-Procedure -- When a cut becomes necessary, the process will include two important elements:

*Each athlete will have completed a minimum number of practice sessions decided by the coach of the sport

*Each athlete will be personally informed of the cut by the coach, the reason for the action, and possible recommendations.  

If you have any questions contact Coach Kayley Johns by email or phone
979-732-5746   Ext 217